Summer Beet Salad for Liver Support

Jun 14, 2018

The liver plays a crucial role in hormone balance. A liver that is functioning well, will both manufacture and metabolize hormones. It is the ultimate detoxifier, filtering everything we put into our bodies from food, liquids, alcohol to even what we breathe in and absorb in our skin. 

The liver breaks down excess hormones such as estrogen (preventing estrogen dominance) as well as testosterone, (preventing high levels that contribute to issues like PCOS). It does this by creating bile, to break down fats and fat soluble toxins. It also helps convert nutrients from carbohydrates, fats, and protein into energy and the building blocks of hormones.

It’s also responsible for storing excess sugars such as glycogen, an energy reserve. When blood sugar levels fall between meals, the liver will release glycogen to help balance energy. If these glycogen reserves are full, than excess sugar will be stored as fat in the adipose tissue.

Signs of a Sluggish Liver:

  • Fatigue
  • ...

Medicinal Chai Concentrate {Cooking Video)

May 01, 2018

The key to hormone balance is in your digestion.

Blemishes, rashes, stomach cramping, irritable bowel syndrome, foggy thinking…

These are just a few symptoms of what inflammation, poor absorption, and food sensitivities can create.

…which eventually results in imbalances with the thyroid and sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone…

…causing menopause issues, headaches, painful periods, and high estrogen related issues like endometriosis, fibroids, and PCOS… 

My Chai Concentrate has anti-inflammatory herbs and warming digestion boosting spices that increase the health of the spleen (for better absorption) as well as bring circulation to the reproductive system.

And this recipe is supportive for your adrenals, as it it both Sugar-Free and Caffeine Free with rooibos tea and orange peel.

Seriously YUM. Spicy, flavorful, warming. This is my favorite tonic to make when am feeling the food cravings arise…....


6 Books to UpLevel Your Hormone Health

Apr 02, 2018

As a Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach,  I ravenously read everything I can find on women’s hormone health, anatomy, and nutritional guidance, in addition to my certification program. I have highlighted my top 6 favorites below which share information on the menstrual cycle as well as peri-moonpause and moonpause. My goal is to empower you with direct tools to step into your Healer Creatrix. 

If you are looking for methods that fuse both goddess empowerment and wise women rituals with science and eastern medicine, I have outlined the ways and methods for living in ritual and in harmony with your menstrual cycle in my 5 week online course: Goddess in Rhythm. This course brings you into the kitchen with recipes for each phase of the menstrual cycle and gives you ritualistic practices for your full embodiment of the Divine Feminine to balance, naturally.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

My top recommendation, this book teaches an in...


The Moon Cycle & Menstrual Cycle Connection

Feb 19, 2018

Ever wonder why you and many women bleed on the new or full moon? Or perhaps you have wondered the energetic connection of bleeding on a particular moon phase…

Studies show that peak rates of menstruating (releasing the lining) and ovulating (releasing the egg) are on the New and Full Moon.


To understand this, we must first understand the fluctuations of the moon phases and the menstrual phases.

The moon rotates around the earth in about a 28-day rotation. It goes from New Moon (dark), to Waxing Half Moon (becoming brighter into full), Full Moon, and Waning Half Moon (becoming darker into New).

During this time, the moon is closest to the earth during the New and Full moons. At this time of closer proximity, there is a stronger gravitational pull on the earth, affecting our waters and our tides.

…even animal behavior is affected: some species of turtles lay their eggs during the full moon, as the higher tides bring them further up shore.

… and our feminine...


{Cooking Video} Vegetarian Chili for Blood Sugar Balance

Jan 11, 2018

Ever wonder why we get terrible food cravings?

Or perhaps you have wondered how to support your progesterone levels? (Truth: cravings & progesterone levels are related!)

…low progesterone is a common factor leading to estrogen dominance related issues such as intense cramping, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, and even Moonpausal symptoms. 

Often I share about the role of Blood Sugar Balancing foods in balancing hormones like progesterone. 

Today, I am giving you a full virtual demonstration in the kitchen on how to make this recipe for blood sugar balance: My Vegetarian Chili. 

It is plant based, easily digestible (I pre-soak the beans) and is super easy and quick to make!!

If you like this recipe and want more recipes that directly balance your hormones, check out my Moon Cycle eCookbook that is available HERE.  

Loving you!

P.S. My {Free} Shakti Activate! Webinar is...


Yoni Egg: Magick of Manifestation

Jan 02, 2018





These are the words that immediately flow into my consciousness when I think about what this exquisite feminine practice has done for me.

This practice has been around for millennia. In ancient China, women used the practice of inserting an egg shaped crystal made out of Jade into their yoni, the Sanskrit word for vagina that I find super juicy to use as part of my vocabulary. 

Quite commonly known, Jade is associated with many different carvings like Buddha statues for good luck. 

This is because Jade is considered the ultimate Prosperity stone, with a vibration attuned to Abundance, when worked with energetically.

Imagine inserting this stone of abundance into your Sacred Yoni Temple, the most vulnerable, magical, and precious part of your body. 

This space, of the sacral chakra energy, is of Magnetism

of Creation...

of Divine Feminine energy… 

And the work...


Chai Chocolate Macaroons

Dec 13, 2017

When at home in our routines, it may be easier to find our grooves with eating balanced meal plans. 

Yet, traveling and gathering with family and friends for big holiday meals that include decadent desserts, extra cocktails, and hors d’oeurvres, can throw off those routines and cause a bit of havoc on the gut-microbiota from additional sugars and carbohydrates that break down quickly  (think cakes, stuffing, and mashed potatoes from white potatoes).

After the holidays are over, we might feel bloated with tight lower stomach cramps, and we might even crave more sweets, as sugar feeds certain organisms in our digestive tract and they will crave more to survive.

So what can we do?

I’m all about preventative care. I share my favorite tip below and you can view more HERE.

Biggest Tip: Offer to bring more of what you would like to see on the table!

I love offering to bring several healthful plates to my family’s gathering: epic colorful salads, veggie...


Sweet Potato Mash for Menopause: Reduce Dryness & Weight Gain

Nov 21, 2017

Menopause, or “Moonpause” as I like to call it, is an experience of great hormonal change, requiring specific nutrients to support changes in sex hormones.

Two common symptoms of moonpause that women experience are vaginal dryness and weight gain, particularly around the middle.

Moonpausal changes as well as society’s negative imprints of “losing your youth” can cause negative feelings toward this sacred change, which is truly a “Rights of Passage.”

“Like pregnancy and childbirth, menopause is a time of profound transformation—a portal to the best and most powerful years of your life!” ~Christiane Northrup

As Northrup mentions, moonpause is a time where the hormones are changing yet again, and it was honored and viewed by indigenous cultures as a time where the feminine energies aligned for more self-empowerment, and to open a clearer channel to the Divine. Women of moonpause were the wisdom bearers of the Crone...


Aphrodisiac Tonic with Lemongrass

Oct 16, 2017

After 5 years of birth control contraceptive use, I realized my libido was absent… a symptom that many women end up experiencing from long-term birth control use.

The birth control contraceptive can increase the production of Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin levels (a protein in your liver that binds to sex hormones like testosterone) which can lead to lower testosterone levels and eventually, low libido. The pill can actually change genetic expression within the liver to create more SHBG.

Furthermore, the B.C. contraceptive impacts the gut lining, making it difficult to absorb B-vitamins like Folate (B9), which is necessary for detoxification, healthy skin, and building healthy blood to absorb and utilize iron. Iron is needed to bring oxygen into the cells, and low iron can contribute to low sex drive.

In addition, B.C. contraceptive can cause inflammation in the gut, leading to issues like insulin resistance, causing cravings for more glucose… meaning more sugar &...


Top Five Foods that Decrease Menstrual Cramps

Sep 26, 2017

Severe period pain, or dysmenorrhea, that causes you to cancel work, lie in bed all day, or prevents you from doing your normal daily goddess activities is NOT normal.

I reflect back to the days I was in college when I used to experience these pains.

My diet was made up of typical dorm food: lots of pizza, sub sandwiches, bagels for breakfast, bags of chips with trans-fat, lots and lots of sugary cookies, too much beer and not enough water.

My cramps had me leaving class early so I could lie in bed for hours with a heating pad after I took aspirin.

When I started taking the birth control pill, along with cleaning up my diet, my severe cramps went away. Often, doctors will prescribe the pill to treat hormonal imbalance symptoms, yet the birth control pill doesn’t teach your body how to balance its own hormones.

The birth control pill suppresses ovulation, which makes it so your body never releases an egg each month. This causes no need for your body to make the...


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