Yoni Egg: Magick of Manifestation

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These are the words that immediately flow into my consciousness when I think about what this exquisite feminine practice has done for me.

This practice has been around for millennia. In ancient China, women used the practice of inserting an egg shaped crystal made out of Jade into their yoni, the Sanskrit word for vagina that I find super juicy to use as part of my vocabulary. 

Quite commonly known, Jade is associated with many different carvings like Buddha statues for good luck. 

This is because Jade is considered the ultimate Prosperity stone, with a vibration attuned to Abundance, when worked with energetically.

Imagine inserting this stone of abundance into your Sacred Yoni Temple, the most vulnerable, magical, and precious part of your body. 

This space, of the sacral chakra energy, is of Magnetism

of Creation...

of Divine Feminine energy… 

And the work with the Jade egg BUILDS LIFE-FORCE energy into this space, flushing throughout your whole system. 

How it works is the Jade Egg utilizes the kegels, the muscles that strengthen the pelvic floor. And this is the fundamental step of why women of ancient China would physically insert this egg. 

The egg can be pushed out and pulled in with the muscles of the vagina, toning and strengthening the muscles here, building vitality, building sexual fluids and increased desire.

How is sexual vitality depleted in the first place?

  • Hormonal Imbalances- including imbalances in estrogen, testosterone and progesterone which can be caused by the birth control contraceptive, or a stressful lifestyle.
  • Childbirth– can weaken muscle tone, causing issues like prolapsed uterus and urinary incontinence.
  • Monotony of linear Patriarchal work-structure can dull creativity, magickal moments, & spontaneous living.
  • Repression or Trauma- when we have felt our inner power was given away or taken from abuse, or have inhibited exploration of our desires due to feelings of “shame” or “guilt.”
  • Rushing- Musicians Rising Appalachia said: “wise men say, that rushing is violence” as when we run from one task to the next out of overwhelm and the “go-go-go” mentality, we are depleting our sacred Lifeforce energy.
  • Addiction- Again, this has to do with our power given over to substances whether it be food such as sugar, drugs, and even sex.

When the muscles are toned intentionally, sexual energy builds, juicy fluids also increase, and more feminine vitality increases throughout the system. 

Further, the Jade egg can be used for manifesting a desire. With the build up of sexual energy, it can be harnessed into creative processes, such a building a business or art project, healing an ailment or addiction, or increasing self-love. 

Simply infusing an intention into this crystal before inserting it into your Sacred Yoni Temple, just as you would create New Moon intentions, can be a powerful way for using your sexual energy in the process of manifestating your visions into reality. 

Different crystals  can be utilized for different intentions. Traditionally, Nephrite Jade is recommended to work with first, for at least up to a year. 

It is the hardest stone and it connects the womb to the heart- a disconnect that is common for women in our western go-go-go society.

Other stones can be helpful to work with, such as:

  • Rose Quartz for forgiveness and self-love
  • Black Obsidian for Kali energy of release and cleansing of trauma 
    • (Warning, this stone is intense to begin with and would be helpful for guidance and support )
  • Carnelian for sexual empowerment, divine feminine activation, and creativity
  • Amethyst for intuitive connection

There are imposter stones that can actually be toxic for your Yoni! Stay away from websites where you can find deals for several eggs at a very low price. These may be imposters of toxic material, such as serpentine- a look-alike for Jade. 

I trust the eggs provided from my friend Shona at WombIllumination.com or through Jillian Anderson at Jillian-Anderson.com.

Most importantly: 

Part of the true magick of working with eggs for manifestation involves the process of how you receive your egg into your Sacred Yoni Temple. We do not want to shove these eggs in as we do a tampon (please don’t shove in your tampons either!)

This does not sound sensual at all. 

The process of connecting with your egg is a process of slowing down with breath, mayan massage, and heart opening rituals. 

This is the true source of the magick that happens within this sacred practice. 

I will be teaching these methods as part of my Juicy Feminine Living 14 Week Group Immersion in addition to mailing out your choice of egg: Nephrite Jade, Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz or Carnelian Agate. 

We will be diving deep with this practice, along with other rituals for Goddess Activation, Body Temple Stability with hormone balance & goddess meal-plans, Womb Clearing, and Sacred Sexuality practices. 

If you are interested in finding out more, you can pre-apply before I release more Juicy Details. I am only taking 10 women for this program.

Blessings to your Sacred Yoni Temple!

Allie McFee


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