Yoni Massage for More Pleasure & Trauma Release

rituals Jan 14, 2019

I’ve always felt my dharma as a Women’s Health Educator was to provide an open safe space to explore concepts of female health that weren’t taught to us in formal education systems, as well as explore our shadows… the taboos of society we feel hushed to speak about that cause secrecy and shame. 

Because what is NOT Expressed IS Repressed, particularly when dealing with emotional health as a women. 

So today I’m inviting you into the perspective of how your emotions as well as trauma affect the health of your Yoni, which means vagina, or “Sacred Space” in Sanskrit. 

… if we have had abuse or trauma, our yonis can lock up in tension and we might feel pain during sex as well as vaginal dryness. 

If we go throughout our days doubting ourselves, feeling overwhelmed by our schedules, burning ourselves out by taking on too many roles because we don’t have clear boundaries… 

..our yoni muscles will energetically store this emotional tension, and areas inside can become de-sensitized and numb… like not feeling sensation at your g-spot (goddess spot!) and the other quadrants inside. 

This numbness or pain we experience can affect our connection to intimacy in the bedroom, making us feel as if we aren’t sexual beings… 

That we’re are not capable of feeling pleasure. 

That we are damaged and broken. 

No, sisters… we are NOT broken. 

We are here to claim our pussy power. 

Tuning into these emotions & having a safe space to release trauma is our STRENGTH. We can reclaim parts of ourselves that have become fragmented from challenging experiences in our past that made us feel less WHOLE. 

We can feel safe and empowered to use our voice to communicate our Yes’s and No’s.. 

Exquisitely speaking what we like… don’t like… 

What feels good… 

When we just feel content with cuddling… 

When we need more time or more foreplay… (FYI, it takes about 30 minutes of arousal for the cervix to rise up and make space for penetration). 

There are specific tools to help increase sensation here, tools for helping you build a deep sensual relationship with your Goddess-Temple, that can help you release trauma and help you feel alive again. 

Delicious Body Aliveness. 

These tools are something you can practice alone, and also feel safe to share with a Beloved. 

Here are my Top Two Choices:

>>(I guide you through these in my Juicy Feminine Living 14-Week Group Program starting Feb. 10th)<<

Both involve gently working with the tissues of the yoni, helping to bring in sensation by working with bringing circulation to the tissues, releasing emotional pain, and activating different pelvic floor muscles with breath and yoni pulses. 

The Jade Egg: 

Helps build supple toning, strength and resilience.. that increases energy and feminine vitality in life.

This practice is a thousand year-old Taoist practice from China, helping women get in touch with the various muscles inside the vagina, to increase more places of pleasure, as well as tone muscles to prevent issues like urinary incontinence, and build arousal fluid.

In our modern times, women are using this practice to heal from trauma by building new neural pathways to pleasure, in the safety of connecting to their yoni on their own with their crystal egg. (it’s important to get a certified egg as some crystals are toxic for the yoni!)

Yoni Massage:

Originates in Neo-Tantra (a modern form of Tantra known as Western Tantra), & as a certified Dakini Tantric Practitioner, I have learned just how much emotion we store in the muscles of our yoni!

This practice involves an exploratory massage for the yoni called Yoni Mapping, working with the yoni like hands on a clock and discovering places of pain, pleasure, or numbness. Your hands can be used, or a crystal wand like the black obsidian wand featured in this photo. Wands can help reach more areas in the yoni.

Have you ever made love and after orgasming had a flood of tears rush to the surface, even though you felt bliss? Or tears of sadness and grief that came up instead?

Ever felt blocked and tight in your yoni after a long day of work and making love felt like a chore?

Through breath, sound, and emotional awareness, the stuck energy here (which causes the pain and numbness), can overtime SHIFT, helping you become more aware of what you are still holding on to, emotionally, that is preventing you from FEELING the depths of your orgasm.

These emotions may not just be yours that your’e carrying. Just like in Womb Clearing, we may be carrying stuff from our ancestors that it is time to release.

Both Yoni Massage/De-Armoring and the Jade Egg (Yoni Egg) practices are what you will learn in Juicy Feminine Living 14-Week Group Program.

Helping women connect with their emotions in a healthy way, claim their boundaries, understand their female anatomy is my passion. 

Because my yoni used to feel quite a bit of numbness… from me rushing around and taking on too much, and not knowing my boundaries.

Now it does very magickal things: like help me release stored up emotional blocks so I can feel more creative and focused in my work..
…as well as release sacred Amrita fluids, also known as “squirting.” 

I never thought either of these were possible, until I started trusting my body, deeply listening to it and communicating my needs, and being vulnerable with my emotions.

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