Video: How to Decrease Menstrual Pain, Naturally

hormones Oct 12, 2016

Painful cramping? Bloating? Headaches?… before your menstruation comes?

Have you been to the doctor to address your terrible PMS and the solution was to go on the pill?

What if I told you there was a way to balance your hormones naturally, without having to take synthetic hormones?

I understand your pain, literally!- because I used to experience “normal” menstrual pain each month until I learned how nutrition and meditation could help!

In this video, I address one of the major root causes in hormone imbalances that can create these symptoms. This has to do with the hormonal ratio of progesterone and estrogen levels.

Watch the video HERE.

Most often, when my menstruation now comes, I feel my cervix opening to release the endometrium lining. It feels like gentle swelling, rather than sharp pains that used to have me lying in bed with a heating pad. I may feel some emotions arise before my moontime comes- and I explain in this video why this is natural. I also share a meditation for emotional expression to help you tap into your sacred feminine intuition.

Moon Blessings and Hormone Health!


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