Reishi Cardamom Brazil Nut Mylk

recipes May 06, 2019

My Reishi Cardamom Brazil Nut Mylk is a delicious base for elixirs, golden mylks, smoothies, and totally perfect for drinking as is!

It truly is a treat for your taste buds and body temple, as Brazil nuts are high in selenium, an extremely important mineral for fertility and thyroid health. Our thyroid governs our metabolism and temperature.

Selenium protects our fertility and supports our thyroid. It helps convert T4 (the storage thyroid hormone) into T3 (the active thyroid hormone), so we don’t feel tired all the time or gain weight from a slow metabolism.

A selenium deficiency can heighten TPO antibodies, deepening autoimmune thyroid issues like Hashimoto’s and Grave’s disease. These antibodies attack the thyroid and cause inflammation, which can worsen thyroid symptoms with puffiness, painful joints, challenges with conception and pregnancy, fatigue and weight gain.

Adding this nut mylk into my diet is the way I honor my thyroid, by giving it some supportive mineral-love!

Here’s how I made it!

First, I blended 1 cup of Brazil nuts with 4 cups filtered water, using a Vitamix blender. It’s important to use a high-speed blender to fully chop up all the nuts.

Then, I used a nut mylk bag to strain the nut mylk from the fiber of the Brazil nuts. 

The Brazil nut pulp is leftover, which I saved to make crackers later.

I poured the nut mylk back into the blender and added reishi power, cardamom, vanilla, dates, and a dash of sea salt. I love adding reishi or any of the adaptogen mushroom powders to my elixirs and smoothies as they are great for helping reduce stress and boosting the immune system.

I used deglet noor dates. You could also use Medjool. Medjool is sweeter, so you would want to use less.

I blended it up and done! Delicious! Before serving. I waiting until the frothy foam from blending settled down.

Enjoy! xoxo,

Allie, @moderngoddesslifestyle

Reishi Cardamom Brazil Nut Mylk

Serves: 3-4


1 cup Brazil Nuts

4 cups water 

1 teaspoon reishi mushroom powder

1/4 teaspoon cardamom

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/3 cup deglet noor dates

dash of sea salt


  1. Blend Brazil nuts with water in a high speed blender such as a Vitamix.
  2. Strain liquid in a nut mylk bag, cheese cloth or paint strainer.
  3. Pour mixture back into blender and blend with the rest of the ingredients. Before serving, wait until foam settles that’s been created from blending.
  4. Store in quart size jar.
  5. Serve as is or use as the base of golden mylk, elixirs, or smoothies.

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