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Balance Your Hormones Without Spending Money

hormones Jun 26, 2016

Hormone Balancing Supplements… Menstrual Health Superfoods… Acupuncture & Massages…

These are all great tools for balancing hormones, however they all cost money.

If you are looking for what you can do, right now, without having to spend a penny, I will share with you a little ancient medicinal knowledge I learned from native friends I recently met in Costa Rica.

I write this while sitting within the lush jungles of Puerto Viejo,  between classes I am teaching at Passion Yoga School’s teacher training program. While I sit here, I can hear the waves roaring and crashing onto the beaches in the distance.

Last evening, I met a man who told me about the women in his town outside of San Jose and how they gather together in Red Tents to honor their menstrual cycles. He asked me how to balance hormones through food and after I answered, I asked him how the women in this culture balance their hormones.

What he told me was beautiful. He said, “when women have a disconnect with their cycle, it is really a disconnect from Pachamama.” Pachamama in Inca Mythology is our Earth Mother, also known as Gaia.

In ancient indigenous cultures, women lived close to the earth. By working with the plants, spending time in the sun, picking berries, and using the elements to sustain life, women exposed their bodies to Pachamama’s rhythms. Naturally, their cycles were attuned to the moon, and rhythms of the sun rising and setting. Their cycles regulated with Pachamama cycles, creating an internal circadian rhythm.

As he said this, it was brought to my attention how different life in more developed Western societies can be. The way our work world is structured, it consists of working in buildings with cold air conditioning and often without windows to provide natural light. When we live busy schedules, we lack time to make our own food, when otherwise we would be able to touch our vegetables and receive the earth’s vibration. The artificial light we use allows us to experience “daylight” into the wee hours of the night when we need to stay awake and finish a work project.

Connect with Pachamama

The message from this local man and his village is very simple.

Take time every day to connect with Pachamama. It can be as easy as going outside every night and looking at the moon to see what phase she is in, and doing this for 29 days to receive the essence and moon glow of her full cycle.

You could also wake in the morning and go on a 15 minute walk each day no matter if it’s sunny, rainy, or snowing–to be with her in her elements and feel the wind or sun on your face.

You could also grow a garden, water it, and care for it, while listening to the bees, and walking with your bare feet connecting with the earth. When we touch the earth with our body, our feet and hands, we absorb the earth’s electrons and it can help with regulating our sleep and our cycles. This practice is called Earthing and there are articles and books written on this subject if you would like to read more.

These are all simple and cost free ways of creating hormonal balance. Consistently connecting with Pachamama and her rhythms can help our body harmonize with a greater rhythm. 

EARTHING with black sand smudged on our bodies

Moon Blessings and Hormone Health!



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