Goddess in Rhythm

Reclaim the ancient wisdom of your period through modern methods in this self-paced, 5-week immersion! 

Learn which foods and recipes to eat to nourish each of the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle: Follicular Phase (inner spring), Ovulatory Phase (inner summer), Luteal Phase (inner autumn), Menstrual Phase (inner winter). Learn how to track your menstrual cycle to know when you ovulate (fertility), as well as predict when your period will come. This course also shares workout videos for the phases and videos to regulate other hormone and challenges: PCOS, BV and Yeast Infections, low thyroid, absence of period, and more!

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Soul Food

Liberate yourself from emotional eating patterns in just 5 weeks through the archetypes of Shakti!

In this 5 week journey, you will discover what your soul is truly craving behind the foods you emotionally eat. If you have wonky patterns around food, emotional eating, including binge eating or forgetting to eat, come explore the 5 main archetypes of Shakti (Wild Womxn, Inner Child, Teenage Rebel, Sex Goddess/Lover, & Superwomxn/Mama) in ritual and community to release co-dependent patterns with food and shift into self care, worthiness, nourishment & FREEDOM! 

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Juicy Feminine Leadership™ Academy

Liberate your inner creator and align with your goddess power as the leader you were born to be!

This course has two options: certification and/or personal transformation. Learn how to create your lifestyle and business in feminine flow: FEEL to HEAL, clear trauma within your sexuality, womb-space and ancestral lineage, live in harmony with nutrition and ritual for your menstrual cycle, and create the space for your creative dreams to rise and to birth into being from juicy overflow. The certification includes a space-holding training for emerging leaders with Timeline Healing, Womb-Clearing + Activation, Womxn's Circle Facilitation, Rage Ritual Templates, and more for your 1-1 sessions and group workshops + retreats, online or in person. Rise into building the next level of your business dreams with practical marketing methods and activating personal confidence + worthiness with sex magic. Submit six case studies, complete quizzes and final exam to be mailed to your Certificate of Completion and join the JFL Alumni Network.

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Juicy Feminine Leadership

Liberate your inner creator and align with your goddess power as the leader you were born to be!

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Moon Cycle eCookbook

Learn the science + recipes to eat for each of the phases of your menstrual cycle: Menstrual Phase (inner winter), Follicular Phase (inner spring), Ovulatory Phase (inner summer), Luteal Phase (inner autumn).

Intense period pain, PMS, cramps, acne, bloating, food cravings, and irritability are NOT normal. These are signs of a hormonal imbalance. Your periods CAN be pain-free. Learn which foods to eat for each phase to support hormonal regulation, and eat the most delicious gluten-free and dairy-free recipes offered by Modern Goddess Lifestyle. Most of the recipes are plant-based, with a couple including animal-protein + all recipes can be modified. Your body is a temple and food is the offering. Get immediate support for your hormone health with this eCookbook, automatically sent to your email.

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1:1 Private Empress Coaching

My signature package for entrepreneurs and lightworkers who are ready to ritualize their life and create from juicy overflow with quantum upLeveling.

If you’re ready to release and de-program from rigid forcing, trying, people pleasing, burnout and seeing unhealthy relationship patterns in your life, this is for you. I priestess your ascension process as you go through the portal of death and rebirth. We work with rituals to help activate a deeper connection to your inner medicine womxn with: womb-clearing, yoni de-armoring, menstrual health rituals, sex magic pleasure rituals for self or with beloved, juicy business creation, hormone balancing ritual elixirs and recipes, and more. You get full access to all courses and ebooks with Modern Goddess Lifestyle. This is the most intimate way to work with me. 

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Womb Clearing

Package of two 1-1 sessions (1.5 hours each) of deep energetic clearing and activation within the sacral chakra that governs: creativity, sexuality, and fertility.

Signs your womb or yoni needs clearing are painful periods, PMS, irregular menstruation, grieving or stuck in pain from a recent breakup, or past trauma from abuse, miscarriage, or abortion. Numbness, pain, or tension in your yoni or womb are a sign of unprocessed trauma and blocked energy. Beyond womb losses, this clearing frees ancestral trauma (particularly with mother-line), shifts patterns in the relationships you attract and helps you embody a deeper boundary with your “sacred NO vs. juicy YES"- goodbye people pleasing. You will notice deep shifts that free up your creative energy, your ability to share the true authentic you in the world, help you claim your desires with worthiness, and experience more sensation while love-making with your beloved or in your self-pleasure practice. 

These sessions are offered in a package of two so we can work through the layered walls of hardened trauma + blocked emotional expression to help you open, emote and claim back your power.

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